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Buffalo Center Quasquicentennial History Book



Product Description

The Buffalo Center Quasquicentennial Committee announces plans for the publishing of a Buffalo Center Quasquicentennial History Book in conjunction with our Quasquicentennial in 2017. It’s been 25 years since the publication of the Buffalo Center Centennial Book. The purpose of this book is not to repeat but to complete the work started in that 1992 history.

We expect the book to contain from 200 to 300 pages or more and include 600-800 pictures, depending on the number of families, churches and organizations, etc., that submit their stories and pictures.

The more submissions, the better the book will be for the same price. For those reserving the book before publication, the Early Bird Price is $50.00. After that, the price will be higher. This will be a Limited Edition printing and the book is certain to have collector’s value in time. Reserve your personal copies now to be sure you get them. This will make a handsome and memorable gift.

This book will be of excellent quality, beautiful, permanent, hard-bound and will look like the 1992 Centennial Book. Sample history books from the company are available to examine.